WebWay present a unique service for you to sell to your end users. CONXTD, the social network for alarms. Available on iPhone, Android & Desktop.

CONXTD is a mobile app and browser service which converts alarms into easy to read icons, colours, timelines and graphs. Users can create their own monitoring community of friends, family or colleagues who can view the site and receive notifications. CONXTD can be used for Self Monitoring or as a companion to Professional Monitoring. CONXTD is ideal for adding value to a Bells Only/Audible alarm system for Self Monitoring, or as a companion to Professional Monitoring. The event time line can combine alarms with images from your site allowing you to install the best systems from the best manufacturers. It's all integrated for you and we have connectivity to all leading monitoring stations.

Icons and Colours

We've carefully selected a colour palette which is easily understandable and allows CONXTD to simply portray the status of alarm systems.

Alarm panels are smart. They can report on more than simply burglary and fire alarms. CONXTD allows you to use the full potential of the panel, by providing the end user information for them to make informed decisions and the ability to monitor trends.

Benefits for installers

• Generate new revenue from any existing connections immediately.
• Add new revenue to any new connections with this valuable service.
• The ultimate upgrade from digi’s and other analogue signalling solutions.
• Display your brand to customers within the app using the Installer Widget
• Sell as a Self Monitored solution or as a companion to Professional Monitoring.
• Works with single or dual path systems, using any communications technology.
• Very easy sign up process, billed to you not the end user.
• At least 4 weeks free use with no commitment. You control the early billing cycle.
• Includes sophisticated Help and Support ticketing.

Subscribe a site for CONXTD

It's easy to add CONXTD to a site, we built all the tools into Connections. From 3rd October simply click the greyed out CONXTD logo next to a site, enter the end user's details and CONXTD will send a personalised invite email to the end user, including the name of your installation company.

Billing & Pricing

When signing up a site for the CONXTD service, the details of the end user you enter in Connections will become the admin for the site, and should be the contact you have sold the service too. We will use this user as the mechanism for billing for the site. Once the user has accepted the invite to CONXTD, billing will commence. The admin user for each site will be billed by the installer. It is charged on a per site basis. Billing will be monthly. After a site has been registered for CONXTD a billing record will be produced and billed at the end of each month.

Here to help

We've created a dedicated installer support section for CONXTD in WebWay World, full of helpful documentation to get you started and answer some of your questions about the new service.

Experience CONXTD yourself

Subscribe my site to CONXTD

If you've got a either a WebWay connected to your office alarm system or a test WebWay device, you can add CONXTD to this site by going to Connections and clicking the grey CONXTD logo next to the site. Simply enter your name and email address and you'll receive an invite via email to set up CONXTD.

Subscribe to a demo site

Don't have your own site? We can give you access to our demo site for 1 month. Fill in the form below and enter the word 'Demo site' in the feedback box and Submit. We'll invite you to our site along with contacting you to organise getting a WebWay installed so you can view your CONXTD on your own site.

Contact us for more information

For more information regarding CONXTD please request a call back or contact your account manager. 



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