CONXTD is an online application which is sold by installers to end users. A CONXTD subscription can be added to a WebWay signalling site post installation and commissioning. You, the installer, are in control of the invitation process, billing and lifecycle of the connection.


Log into (if you haven't got an account it is easy to register). 


Go to Connections. In your Live Sites list you will see a new CONXTD column. In this column are CONXTD logo’s in grey. Click on the Grey icon and you will be taken to a sign up area. Simply enter the email address of the user who will be billed/is to be the responsible administrator for the site. 


CONXTD will send an email to the end user, including your company name as the invitee. The end user accepts the invitation and is taken through a simple customisation process for the site. 

Once the Accept button is pressed in the invitation, our back office links the user to the site and creates the billing record. The CONXTD icon will remain grey, but with the word “Pending” within it, until the end user accepts. Once accepted the coloured CONXTD icon appears.



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