Billing today

From today we will create billing records for every CONXTD subscription that the customer accepts. These will be collated and emailed to you with an invoice on a monthly basis.

Invoicing today

When your end user accepts, we generate a billing record for you. We invoice you at the end of the month which follows the acceptance. So if an end user accepts on 15th June your first invoice will be sent to you on 31st July. Each subscription costs £2 per month which you can wrap into your maintenance and monitoring fees.

Future billing and invoicing

When you first subscribe a WebWay signalling connection to CONXTD, you will be asked to enter your PayPal details or set up an account. All future subscriptions will be billed to this account. Each subscription will have a 4 week free period. Payments will be taken from the registered card the day following the end of the free period.


Use the CONXTD to subscription manager within Connections to view and manage all CONXTD subscriptions. A CONXTD icon will appear as part of a new section on your Connections page. This is where you can view & manage all of your CONXTD subscriptions.


You can request a cancellation via the CONXTD subscription manager.


There are no refunds for any unused part of the service.



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