An area within WebWay World dedicated to managing your customer's CONXTD subscriptions. -View outstanding requests awaiting customer activation - Re-Send invite email to users - Manage Billing - Get help on specific sites

Requests Sites which you have registered for CONXTD and are waiting for the end user to accept their email invite to activate the subscription. The billing record only commences when the end user accepts. Use the resend button to request for the invite email to be re-sent if your customer is struggling to find it. Accepted Sites which have been activated. We invoice you at the end of the month which follows the activation date. So if an end user accepts on 1st Jan your first invoice will be sent to you on 28th Feb.

Get help

Got a question about CONXTD for a specific site or need help answering a request from an end user? Click the help button next to any site to submit a question to the CONXTD Admin team. The details of the site are submitted automatically along with your request.

Re-Send invite email

If your customer is having problems finding the CONXTD invite email, ensure they have checked any Spam or Junk filter for an email with the subject 'You've been invited to join CONXTD' from If they still are unable to find it, click the 'Resend' button for the email to be re-sent.


To cancel a CONXTD subscription on a site simply click the Cancel button and follow the instructions. Please note: when cancelling, your customer and any users they have shared the site with will lose access. If your user just wants to remove other uses they have shared the site with please submit a Help request and the CONXTD Admin team will investigate.

Where to find

The button is in the right hand menu on Connections, below reports. Please note, this page will only show sites which you have registered for CONXTD, if someone else from your company has registered sites, they can go to this page on their login to view the information.



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