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ATS Alliance Network Overview  

This diagram shows an overview to the structure of how the Alliance Software, Titan Software, and the Advisor Master Intruder Panel all working together. 


Alliance Software & SPT must be at the same location as the SPT must have a fixed IP Address – THIS PACKAGE DOES NOT WORK VIA REMOTE MANAGER.. They “talk across the local network connection to each other  

ATS Alarm Panel & Alliance 8300 (monitoring)

Alliance software is available from UTC and needs to be configured specifically to the site of installation, once installed we need the following setting to be programmed...

This software is to be used locally to the SPT and ATS panel (unless ports are opened on the networks firewall).


The SPT will require allocation of a fixed IP Address for the Alliance 8300 to connect too.

The SPT will need to have the correct variables configures in the background – see Panel / SPT Settings – this is important as it allows the Alliance software to talk to the Panel and also allow priority signal to the ARC, whilst the software is running.  

1) Run up the Alliance 8300 software 

2) Either as you create a site or edit a site, the following settings should be set. 

3) Set the Poll Interval (ms) to 3000 


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