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Remote Manager & UDL

With a team that is more mobile than ever before, offering services securely from wherever you are is a challenge, but with WebWay Remote Manager installed on the same PC as your alarm panels servicing software, you can.

You can run your panel's UDL package on your PC and access the WebWay World platform over broadband internet, 3G or 4G securely without the need for a VPN.

WebWay Remote Manager automatically creates a unique and encrypted connection to your sites, restricted per user.

We support both UDL and RRI functions, dependent on your alarm panel.


Supported UDL packages: 

Advisor Master Alliance 8300 

ATS Advanced 

ATS Advisor Master 

ATS Advisor Master Titan UDL 

Castle - Euro Insite 

DLS Downloader 

Galaxy RSS 

GSD - Intrusion Application 

Guardall - GSR 

HKC Smartlink 


Risco - Gardtec 

Risco - Rokonet 

Scantronic - Cooper Security Downloader 

Scantronic - iON Downloader 

Siemens - SPC Pro 

Teceom Wintex


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