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Panel Connection - Active Panel Interface

Manufacturer UTC
Model ATS
Version Advisor Master
Panel Firmware Minimum 04.11.08 (PD6662:2010) 04.09.24 (Non- PD6662:2010)
Cable required? Ribbon Cable (05-5042)
ATS7090 Peripheral
ATS7090 Versions Version less or equal to V1.02 - Needs SPT version less or equal to V2.06
Version greater or equal to V1.03 - Needs SPT version greater or equal to V2.07
Panel Profile ATS-Classic-MI or ATSCLASSIC
Technical Notes When configuring the panel with a laptop, you first need to disconnect the ribbon cable between the Panel and SPT module before connecting the Laptop. When finished, you must disconnect the laptop and then reconnect the ribbon cable before any alarms are sent from the panel to the SPT. LAPTOPS MUST NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE ALARM PANEL - This will STOP signals being sent to the SPT.

Panel Connection

SPT Connection

SPT Connection

Panel Cable Connection

Panel Cable Connection

Panel Programming

  • Menu 9 – Communications Menu
  • PBX [not set]
  • MSN [not set]
  • DT Detection [UK]
  • DTMF tone dialling [Yes]
  • Enable PSTN line fault monitor [No]
  • Monitor service tones [No]
  • 3 digit SIA extensions [Yes]
  • ISDN point to point [No]
  • Enable ISDN line fault monitor [No]
  • 200 baud reverse area open/close [No]
  • X25 TEI value [2]
  • Audio listen in time [180]
  • Audio listen in frame time [30]
  • Report mains fault [Yes]
  • Report line fault [Yes]
  • Enable GSM line fault monitor [No]
  • Central station
  • CS No: [1] Enter
  • Format No: X25 Enai /// number 12
  • Ph1: [any number 11 digits]
  • Ph2: [not set]
  • Acc No: [account number] system. Advice: put 0001
  • Acc No: [account number] area 1. Advice: put 0001
  • Bell modem [No]
  • Dual reporting [No]
  • Listen in [No]
  • Disable reporting inhibits [No]
  • Reserved [No]
  • XSIA Max characters [30]
  • X25 account code [account number] . Panel account number (Chip ID)
  • X25 line type [0]
  • Conn type [ISDN-D]
  • Suppress FTC for voice reporting [No]
  • Retry count [10]
  • SIA Area Modifier [Yes]
  • X25 D-bit [Yes]
  • Mains Fail Reporting delay [30]
  • Enable IP Line Fault Monitor [No]
  • AWDGP reporting codes for IMQ [No]
  • Now Reboot ATS Panel & SPT


  • Menu 29 – Computer Connection menu
  • Enable Remote Up\Download: Yes
  • Up/Download if any area armed: Yes
  • Enable Remote control: Yes or No
  • Remote Control if any area armed: Yes or No
  • Use modem Init: No
  • Report Alarms to computer: No
  • Report Access to computer: No
  • Cmp: Empty
  • Cbk: Empty
  • Srv: Empty
  • Computer Address: 0001
  • Security Password: 0000000000
  • Security Attempts: 255
  • Number of Rings: 1
  • Number of Calls: 0
  • Answer Machine: No
  • Reserved: No
  • Bell Modem: No
  • Conn Type: GSM
  • PC connection authorised: No

Compliance & Troubleshooting

  • Manufacturing of this product is WEEE Compliant. - Further information is avalible in Document (1059353)
  • The Area Account in the Alarm Events, This might need to be adjusted in the Panel's Settings in order to have a specific Area Number not a generic Account Number.(See Step 23) [Example: Area 1 - 0001, Area 2 - 0002, etc.....]
  • LAPTOPS MUST NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE ALARM PANEL - This will STOP signals being sent to the SPT.

UDL information for this item can be found here:

Menu 29 – Computer Connection menu

1)  Enable Remote Up\Download Yes

2)  Up/Download if any area armed Yes

3)  Enable Remote control Yes or No

4) Remote Control if any area armed Yes or No

5) Use modem Init No

6) Report Alarms to computer No //Maybe yes later

7) Report Access to computer No

8) Cmp

9) Cbk

10) Srv

11) Computer Address 0001

12) Security Password 0000000000

13) Security Attempts 255

14) Number of Rings 1

15) Number of Calls 0

16) Answer Machine No

17) Reserved No

18) Bell Modem No

19) Conn Type GSM

20) PC connection authorised NoPanel Programing


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