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Panel Connection - TTL

Manufacturer Texecom
Model Premier Elite with a SmartCom
Version 12, 24, 48, 88, 168, 640 (Premier 48)
Panel Firmware Range v1.xx + v2.xx + v3.xx + v4.2.1
Cable required? Texecom TTL-molex (05-0246)
MCM or Serial Connection Serial
Panel Profile TEXECOM Profile
Panel Bus Connection TTL
Techincal Notes SIA string special character issue in troubleshooting section.
Premier Range is being phased out....

Cable Connection

WebWay Terminal Point Texecom Panel Connection
TTL - T (RED) Com Port 3 Pin 2 from right
TTL - R (Green) Com Port 3 Pin 1 from right
RTN - (Blue) Com Port 3 Pin 3 from right

PRO Unit Connection

PRO Unit Connection

Texecom Cable 05-0246

Texecom Cable 05-0246

COM Port+ Adapter: JAL-0001

COM Port+ Adapter: JAL-0001

Panel Programming

  • Enter Engineering Mode > Press Menu

  • Select UDL/Digi Options
  • Under Digi Options
  • Ensure the first and last option are set to E****A
  • Under UDL Options
  • Select UDL password (Enter required password) 1234 as default
  • Under Area Accounts A,B,C,D Should be Blank

  • Select Program Digi
  • ARC 1: Texecom Connect
    ARC 2: Fast Format
    Set ARC 3 Protocol to SIA level II
  • Primary and Secondary Number should be blank
  • Set ‘Account Number’ as the Chip number (provided by the ARC)
  • Dialling Attempts set to 2
  • Reporting Areas set as required (A***)
  • Reports as required (Final option should be set to ‘R’ to enable restores. If set to * you will see no restores)
  • Set Config or Config 1 as ******IT (I=Connect via IP and T=Send SIA Text)
  • Set Config 2 (if available) to **3 to use com port 3

  • Select Com Port Setup
  • Com Port 1: SmartCom
    Com Port 2: IP Module
    Select Com Port 3, set this to Emizon/WebWayOne

  • Select Setup Modules Menu
  • Under Setup IP Data
  • Ensure Com IP Address is
  • Enter Com IP Port as 50561
  • Set Com Gateway to
  • Set Subnet Mask
  • Name/SMG Port should be set to 50561
  • Log Out of Engineer Mode

  • Restart Panel and WebWay to establish the electrical connection


  • Final Restart of Panel and WebWay is essential.

  • “ATS path fail com 1” refers to a communication path issue. This can be disabled via Global Options > Hardware > Turn off ‘ATS Path faults’ , also select Areas > Options > ATS Path Faults - deselect all areas and finally under Com Port Set up > On board digi needs to be set to ‘nothing fitted’.

  • Panel Vr 2.09 has Com Port Issues This will not integrate this is fixed in Firmware Vr 2.09.01

  • Panel version V3.0x requires Com Port 1 enabled in Protocol Options. Under ‘Program Digi’ Menu > Config 2 > Set to use comm port 1.
    If only Com port 2 or 3 is available: Make sure the baud rate (modem speed) is set to 19200.

  • For UDL on V3.0x panels Wintex 6.2 (Build 2.11) is required.

  • SIA String [#1234|Nri1BA004|AMain Off R - has no ']' close bracket this is likely to be due to a 'special character' in the Zone Name. EG: (!/£$^&*).

  • Lost/Recovery Issue - Go to Program Digi > Config 1 and make sure A is not set i.e. A*****IT. It should be just ******IT.

  • If No Alarms are seen - Go to the UDL/Digi Options > Setup Modules menu > Modem speed and make sure it is set to 19200.

  • Only the alarm format SIA is supported.

UDL information for this item can be found here:


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