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Panel Connection - Serial

Manufacturer UTC (G.E. / Aritech)
Model 200,030,004,000
Version Advisor Master
Panel Firmware Range TBC 04.09.26
Additional Panel Equipment ? Yes - ATS1801 serial module
MCM or Serial Connection Serial
Panel Profile ATS4000
Panel Bus Connection None
Technical Notes Needs 12 V from webway or panel to CTS Connection of serial interface-CTS*

WebWay to SPT Connections

WebWay SPT RS232 ATS 1801

Galaxy Panel Connections

Galaxy Panel Connections

SPT Connections

SPT Connections

Panel Programming

  • Select advanced service menu
  • Go to Menu 9
  • Ensure PBX is BLANK
  • Ensure MSN is BLANK
  • Select dial tone detection (UK)
  • Select DTMF tone dialing (YES)
  • Select enable PSTN line fault monitor (NO)
  • Select Monitor Service tones (NO)
  • Select 3 digit SIA extensions (YES)
  • Select ISDN point to point (NO)
  • Select 200 baud reverse area open/close (NO)
  • Select X25 TEI value (2)
  • Select Audio listen in time (180)
  • Select Audio listen in time frame (30)
  • Select Report mains fault (YES)
  • Select Report line fault (YES)
  • Select Enable GSM line fault monitor (NO)
  • Select the central station to program (Central station1)
  • Select the reporting format (X-SIA Large) (Option 7)
  • Enter the first phone number <01234 567890>
  • Enter the system account number <_____>
  • Select BELL modem tones for SIA (YES)
  • Enter the Area account number <_____>
  • Select Dual reporting (NO)
  • Select listen in (NO)
  • Select Disable reporting inhibits (NO)
  • Select reserved (NO)
  • Select X_SIA Max Characters <30>
  • Select X25 account code (Not Set)
  • Select X25 line type <0>
  • Select connection type 4 (Universal Interface)
  • Suppress FTC for voice reporting (NO)
  • Retry Count <10>
  • NOTE : Even if your integration is not using UDL, You must set 2 menus inside 'Menu 29' - (Computer address & Security Password)

Remote Access Programming

  • Go to menu 29
  • Select enable remote up/download (YES)
  • Select up/download if any area armed (YES)
  • Select Enable remote control (YES)
  • Select Remote control if any area armed (YES)
  • Select use modem init string (NO)
  • Select Report alarms to computer (NO)
  • Select Report access events to computer (NO)
  • Enter Computer address <0001>
  • Enter security password <0000000000> (Ten zeros)
  • Select Security attempts <255>
  • Select Number of rings before answering <1>
  • Select Number of calls before answering <0>
  • Select Answer machine defeat (NO)
  • Select Reserved (NO)

  • Select Reserved (NO)
  • Select Connection type 4 (Universal Interface) *
  • NOTE : Even if your integration is not using UDL, You must set 2 menus inside 'Menu 29' - (Computer address & Security Password)
  • *Note for ATS 2000 panels set the connection type here as PSTN. Rather than serial interface. The connection type in menu 9 needs to remain as Universal Interface.

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