1. Fix Antenna

2. Connect RJ45

Use the supplied (white) tamper shroud to protect any exposed RJ45 connections that could be accidentally disconnected.

3. Connect Panel - Serial/Data bus connectivity

The Mk5 SPT supports the following 3 wire connections. RS485 RS232 TTL

4. Connect any Sub boards

Sub boards include:- Communication PSTN dialup Panel Connectivity Dial Capture (DCM) I2C Bus (GE product) RS232 (Additional data port) PINS Board (Additional Hardwire outputs) Audio Board (Audio Verification)

5. Connect Hardware Pins

Should your installion require any Hardwired Pins (Fire, Frezzer, Tamper, etc...) (Please see below for Pins 1 - 16)

6. Connect Power to 12V Supply

7.Check Signal Strength

Our 7 Segment display reads from 0 to A (Where A = Hexadecimal - 10) WebWayOne recommends minimum Signal of 3 where an alternate antenna or relocation should be considered.

8. Network Registration

Tap button A until menu option ‘d’ is displayed Press and hold the ‘C’ button until ‘_’ is displayed Tapping the ‘A’ button decreases the displayed number, and tapping the ‘B’ button increases the displayed number. Use the A and B buttons to select the first number of the site ID. When the number appears on the display, press the ‘C’ button to enter - this will return the display to ‘_’ Follow the same process to enter the remaining numbers of the site ID After the final number of the site ID has been entered press the ‘C’ button a second time. A moving circle will be displayed followed by a return to menu option ‘d’ Check that you have correctly entered the site ID by pressing the ‘C’ button and observing the readout

9. Reboot & Final Initialisation

Press the RESET button located at the top left of the board (above the display) to finalise the commissioning – it will take up to 5 minutes to complete the commissioning and automatic configuration of the WebWay.

10. Communications Indicators (LEDs)

SMG - Flashing Greeen ATS - Dual Path - 4 Green Flashes ATS - Single Path - 2 Green Flashes

11. Alarm Panel Programming

Alarm panel programming will require a number of settings configured within the control panel. Refer to the relevant support documentation.

12. Test Signals to the ARC.

WebWayOne Standard Pin Profile

Unless specified otherwise the below Pin Profile will be set onto your site...



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