The Communicator Pro

WebWay’s Communicator Pro has all the technology on board for every installation and our WebWay bus for Flying Modules to be added. It’s everything in one, future-proofed too. Ethernet, Radio and PSTN are all on board, plus three expansion interfaces and the WebWay bus. 12 inputs, 3 outputs, serial connections and specific inputs for battery, mains and tampers make this a product for every situation.

The New Pro is almost identical to the previous device in both functionality and componentry. This updated device will be sold in all IP/3G & PSTN variants. The New Pro will also be the same in respect of EN50136 an EN54 standards, CertAlarm and INCERT compliance, with the testing being carried out at present. It will also be R.E.D. compliant.

WebWay RS422 Bus

The change from the previous Pro devices is that the New Pro now contains a new serial bus. An additional RS422 connectivity provides a dedicated WebWay serial bus. This allows peripheral devices e.g. 3G/4G, wifi to be connected. The RS485 bus will then remains available for panel connectivity, giving customers the ultimate flexibility.

New Embedded Sim

Just like the Nano device, the New Pro is equipped with an on board, soldered, non-steered embedded SIM. The SIM holder will be supplied empty, but remains on the board for flexibility

Mini Devices

Please be aware that the Mini device will no longer be available to purchase on WebWay World from the 13th of June 2017. This may be removed earlier should the stock run out prior to this date. Please be advised that any current products under the Mini title will continue to be available using the latest Nano & Pro technology.



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