Remote Pins Module

Remote Pins Module is used to increase the number of Pins avalible on the Supervised Premises Transceiver (SPT) using the RS485 Bus on the WebWay S.P.T. One of the advantages of a R.P.M running RS485 is these units can re-located in another area of the building to where the S.P.T might be located for example the S.P.T might be near the Alarm Panel in the store and the R.P.M might be inside a Power Supply Unit P.S.U near the Fire Alarm in Reception.

Board Features

8x Pin Terminals (Possive Sense) (Not E.O.L) 2x 0v Terminals (A-) 3x Outputs 1x 12v/24v (A+) 2x RS485 IN (a1 & b1) 2x RS485 OUT (a2 & b2) 1x Addressing Jumpers 1x RS485 Termination Jumper 1x BIAS Jumper

Technical Specification

12v/24v Power Supply (J1) Addressing Jumpers (J3) Data IN & Data OUT BIAS (J4) Termination & Untermination (J6)

Power Connection

The Remote Pins Board required a 12v supply. (this PANEL R.P.B 12v/24v + 0v -

Addressing the Module

To address the module use the address jumpers Address 0 = J1 on pin 1 and 3 and J2 on pin 2 and 4 Address 1 = J1 on pin 3 and 5 and J2 on pin 2 and 4 Address 2 = J1 on pin 1 and 3 and J2 on pin 4 and 6 Address 4 = J1 on pin 3 and 5 and J2 on pin 4 and 6

Remote Pins Module Profiles (Command Centre)

To enable the Remote PIN’s module the configuration of the unit must be updated in Command Centre. Please contact your Technical Support Desk or WebWayOne Technical Support department on 01635 231514 for assistance.


- Maximum of 4 units can be address using the Address Jumpers - Should you have NO Addressing Jumper your unit is automaticly an Addreess 0 board. - BIAS jumper can be slower to respond in certian cersumstance. - Should your instaillation envolve long RS485 Cable runs a good Quaility Cable must be used.



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