WebWay's will a radio path are supplied with a T-Bar antenna as standard. - 3.0 meter cable length. - Suitable for the majority of installations where Radio coverage is good. - Not suitable for outdoor use.

Disc antenna

Part Number: 07-0049 - Tuned antenna, 2.5m. - Suitable where the Radio coverage is known to fluctuate. - Not suitable for outdoor use. - A chargeable upgrade.

High gain antenna

Part Number: 5 Metre - 22-5049-5M 10 Metre - 22-5049-10M 15 Metre - 22-5049-15M 20 Metre - 22-5049-20M - Use where the Radio reception at the installation site is poor. - Extends fixing point of antenna by 5, 10, 15 or 20 meters from the SPT. - Suitable for external use.

SMA to MMCX convertor

If you are replacing a signalling device which has an antenna and the signal reception is known to be good you can connect it to your SPT. You may require an SMA to MMCX convertor which can be purchased from WebWay.


Avoid installation near - electrical conduits. - devices which may cause interference such as electrical/radio/wireless Installations below ground will require - a High Gain antenna or re-positioning of the SPT. Do not coil the antenna cable for T-Bar, Disc or High gain. Take care not to crush the antenna cable with clips or tie wraps. Do not extended or shorten the cable yourself. Do not put the aerial inside the panel enclosure.


All antenna can be purchased from WebWay via WebWay World or your usual ordering method.



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