Power Supply Unit [P.S.U] Wiring Diagram for a WebWayOne SPT

Any Installations requiring the SPT to be installed inside a PSU, will require the following Wiring diagram to be adopted. This will ensure the SPT monitors the Tamper, Battery Fault, Mains Fault of the PSU and therefore complying with the regulations.

Overview of Wiring

This image shows an overview of the wiring for a WebWayOne SPT inside a Power Supply Unit [P.S.U]

PSU Wiring

This image shows the Wiring for the PSU.

SPT Wiring

This image shows the wiring for the SPT.


Should your installation require the WebWay SPT to report a Lid Tamper to the ARC from the PSU Panel Lid please wire the Tamper Microswitch to Pin 11 and A- of the Webway SPT. (Wiring not shown)

Wiring Specification

How to wire an SPT into the Terminals of a PSU

Technical Specification

Elmdene : GEN 3 - 08 - B. Grading : Grade 3 (EN50131-6. 2008) Power Rating : 1.0A Battery Rating : 8ah (max)


SPT : Supervised Premises Transceiver. PSU : Power Supply Unit. ARC : Alarm Receving Centre.



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