Please note Nano's only have ATS LED.


Alarm Transmission System Indicates the status of the transmission interface (local) and path (end to end). Single path SPTs have 2 ATPs so the ATS LED will flash twice to show good operation. Dual path SPTs have 4 ATPs so the ATS LED will flash four times to show good operation. Operation Green Good ATP (Alarm Transmission Path). Red No communication on this ATP.


Message Status Indicates the progress of a transmitted message to the ARC. Operation Off No message in SPT and non in SPT queue. Green Message has been sent by the SPT, but not acknowledged. Red Message is queued in the SPT and has not been sent.


Monitoring Centre Transceiver Indicates whether an SPT is registered on the WebWay receivers. Operation Flashing green Registered on the WebWay receivers. Alternating red and green Awaiting registration on the WebWay receivers. Red Registration has failed.


Alarm Panel Connection Indicates the connectivity status between the SPT and the alarm panel data bus. Operation Alternate red and green SPT is correctly connected to the alarm panel. The red indicates good transmit from the panel to the SPT. The green indicates good transmit from the SPT to the panel. Solid red There is no connection between the SPT and the panel, or the wiring is incorrect.


Ethernet status Indicates the connectivity status and speed of the LAN. Has a “Top” and “Bottom” section, defined by the orientation of the board as in the Quick Start Guides. Operation - Top section identifies the speed of the LAN - Top section off indicates 10BaseT LAN. - Top section flashing indicates 100BaseT LAN. - Bottom section indicates whether the SPT is active on the LAN.


Indicates data exchange on the EXT terminal. EXT interface is for future expansion. Operation - Mini Platform, top LED. - No LED on the Pro platform



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