When we create products we have innovation, engineering and the future at the heart of our thinking. Our WebWay Pro and Mini range of signalling devices are designed for the Enterprise and Business markets so we're excited to announce the launch of WebWay Nano, our wire free signalling device for UDL and alarm signalling for home and low risk solutions. Nano is engineered for engineers. Easy to install, reliable, powerful and future proofed.

Pocket Rocket

When installing a third party signalling device in a Grade 2 intruder or fire panel, size is everything. WebWay Nano is just W72 x L113 x H16 (including plastic mounting base) draws 55mA and requires only a three wire connection to leading alarm panels for UDL and SIA.

Great service

WebWay Nano can be purchased on line at www.webwayworld.com from August. Priced inclusive of 1,6, 12, 24 or 36 months WebWay World platform access, Grade 2, 3 or 3+ polling, UDL and extended hardware warranty. Contact your ARC for a Site ID and activate alarm signalling any time.

A device for engineers. A solution for engineers.

We are Engineers. Developers, Technicians and Consultants. Our motto is that we'll never let you down, so we haven't left anything off our device which would hinder field engineers. Nano has the same display and buttons as the more expensive Pro and Mini platforms. Engineers can replay the configuration, see signal strength and all other parameters and diagnostics. Of course engineers can order, manage, configure and diagnose any Nano using our free mobile optimised internet service WebWay World too. Your Nano is provided with a plastic base and can be fixed with a screw or pads.

Great connections

Serial buses

We've got great connections with all the leading alarm panel manufacturers. We've integrated the Contact ID, SIA, UDL and ARM protocols of Castle CareTech, Cooper, DSC, Guardhall, HKC, Honeywell, Menvier, Pyronix, Risco and Texecom. Nano has individual RS232, RS485 and TTL connections on board. 3 wires and no need for additional comms modules and you have a high speed, radio only secure signalling system.

Unique Honeywell Coast Through

Remotely upgrading devices is critical to risk management. During the remote upgrade process any signalling device will need to reboot, which can result in the alarm panel indicating a missing modules. WebWay Nano (Mini's and Pro's) support our unique Coast Through function meaning you can upgrade and reboot quickly, with no end user interruption.

Extendable inputs and outputs

Every Nano has 8 inputs and 2 outputs which can operate in parallel with the serial bus connection. Using WebWay Remote Pins you can add another 32 inputs and 12 outputs for fridges, fire and more.

3G & Roaming eSIM

First time installation, secure, fast and reliable communications are at the heart of the Nano. The Nano has an eSIM built directly into the PCB design. eSIM is a SIM within a microchip, which improves manufacturing, streamlines administration and adds security to the solution. WebWay eSIM is registered to all 3G, EDGE and GPRS networks and selects the best available service automatically.

And finally ...

Every WebWay Nano is ready for the future. Not only does the Nano have the same fast processor and large memory as our Pro and Mini platforms, Nano can also be upgraded to 3G dual path signalling. Configurable via WebWay World, plug on or extendable antenna options.




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