You are sending a “PING” command to the local router. This will help identify if the problem is with local cabling. Step 1 - Scroll to Menu P Step 2 - Press button C. The WebWay will do the Ping test Step 3 - Read the starburst display

Starburst display messages

Ping good

The local IP address of the router is configured in the SPT correctly. The issue will be with the customers firewall. - If the ATP LED remains flashing red - Provide IT with the WebWay firewall configuration details. - Contact WebWay Support for assistance.

Ping Fail

The local IP address of the router is configured in the SPT incorrectly. You will need to record the current (incorrect) configuration, talk to the customer's IT department and then contact WebWay Technical Support to assist. - Go to Menu 1 - Local IP address. Record the number. “no dhcp” means the WebWay is configured for DHCP. The DHCP server is not responding. - Go to Menu 5 - Local router address. Record the number. - Go to Menu 6 - Subnet mask. Record the number. - Check the IP addresses you recorded with IT. - If different contact WebWay Support for assistance in amending.

No Eth

There is no physical connection between the WebWay and the router. - Check that the Ethernet cable is securely connected to the WebWay and the customers network equipment. - The network port may not be enabled or faulty. Contact IT. - The structured cabling may be at fault. Contact IT. - The WebWay may be at fault. Contact WebWay.



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