On Friday 19th February we will be upgrading the Connections section of WebWay World. The upgrade should be completed with minimal service distribution, but we also plan to conduct further maintenance on the system over the weekend. Please note this will only affect the Connections section of the website, Order, Configure and Support will still be available.

About the upgrade

While you will not notice any graphical changes to the design, we have worked hard over the last few months to re-built the system engine from the ground up. This new version has been re-engineered ready for PHP 7 which brings up to 40% of a speed increase over the existing system.

Increased security

Security is at the forefront of what we do and WebWay World has established itself as a powerful tool used daily by hundreds of customers. We know you want to keep your data safe, therefore we've implemented stricter password requirements for all new users and we recommend existing users change their password every 90 days using the update password tool in My Account.

Stay updated

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