Once we have processed your order and dispatched, you will receive an email confirming the details of the order, including the serial numbers of your devices.

Courier & tracking

The dispatch email also confirms the courier and the tracking reference for your order. You should also receive an email from DPD confirming your parcel has entered their network and will be presented with various ‘in-flight options’ should you need to make any changes to your delivery. If you didn't receive the email, let us know and we’ll make sure you do on your next order.


The dispatch email confirms that your devices are now ready to be configured. You can set everything up while your devices are in transit, so everything is ready for installation when they arrive. Click the link in the email or log on to webwayworld.com and click Configure. You will see a table with the devices from your order and any previous devices from past orders which haven't been used yet. You could use this list as an inventory for your WebWay stock. Click the configure link next to the device you would like to set up, the page will load with the Serial Number pre-populated. The options on the page are pre-defined by the type of device purchased. NOTE: You will need the Site ID, provided by the ARC, to complete this process.

Section 1 - General Details

- Choose the monitoring centre (ARC). This is sometimes pre-populated based on your order / order history, but can be changed if needed. - Tell us what you will be signalling - In WebWay Network Monitoring chose your grade of monitoring (the grade you requested from the ARC) - Enter the Site ID the ARC has provided

Section 2 - Site Address


Section 3 - Panel Details

In order for the WebWay to be able to communicate with the panel, we need to know the exact details of the panel and how you plan to connect it. If you have purchased a Pins only board, then the panel options will only show hardwire only. Note, our standard pin profile will be set, if you require any changes to this, please contact support once you have submitted the form - Select the panel connection Emulation = Serial connection (RS485, RS232, TTL, MCM / DCM) Hardwire = pins - Select the name of the panel 
 - Select the way you will connect the panel 

(If you have a board with an MCM plug on, ensure you pick an MCM option)

Section 4 - Networking

The networking section will change depending on the type of board you have selected. Here you will need to give us any configurations needed for the IP or PSTN paths (if applicable). IP - Select the type of addressing on site - If Fixed IP is selected you will need to give us the IP addresses the unit needs to use. If you do not know these at this time, tick the box to confirm you will confirm at install. PSTN -Enter the phone number at the site. If you don't know the phone number yet, tick the box to confirm you will confirm at install. -Let us know whether it is on a PBX, where it needs a prefix digit to dial out. Smart Reporting Untick the box if you do not want smart reporting on the site. Smart Reporting prevents unnecessary call outs by intelligently managing single path network faults.

Section 5 - Confirm and Submit

Tick the box to confirm the details provided are correct and click submit.

Connections - Ready Sites

Once your site has been set up and is ready for install, it will appear on the Connections page in Ready Sites. Sites in here are ready for install. At install, follow the quick start guide that comes with your device, then once you power up the device it will connected to our network and download the config you entered in Configure. The device will reset, then will be ready to go.



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