Is ADSL present?

If ADSL is enabled on the line, check that the ADSL filter is correctly fitted.

Check line voltage


Check CLI


Outbound call bar


Is a PBX used?

- If yes, call WebWay support. - We will reconfigure your SPT remotely, adding a “9” prefix to the called number.

Has the REN value been exceeded?

- Check how many devices are installed on the PSTN line. - If there are more than 4 devices (rule of thumb), advise the customer that the REN may have been exceeded. Options - Remote a device from the line to enable the SPT to communicate. - Order a new line to cater for the additional equipment. - Alternatively recommend the end user switches to broadband.

Is the line from BT?

Non BT supplied PSTN services may introduce latency (delay) to transmitting signals, effecting the operation of the SPT. - Call WebWay technical support. - We will reconfigure the device to enable BT as the carrier selection (if supported by original provider). - Alternatively recommend the end user switches to broadband.

Your options if these actions have failed

SPT fault

If you have a spare SPT, install and call WebWay support to assist.

Go single path

We can reconfigure your SPT remotely for 3G single path operation until the fault is fixed.

Upgrade to IP

We can reconfigure your SPT to operate IP/3G if broadband is available.



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