Is there a spare Ethernet port?

The SPT will need an RJ45 connection to a switch, hub or router on the customer LAN.

Is the LAN/router operating DHCP?

If the LAN is operating DHCP you will not need to collect any IP address information. The SPT will automatically configure on the customer LAN.

The customer wants to allocate a fixed IP address.

Ask the customer for the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway address. Record these and enter them into the Site Creation form via your WebWay World log in. The address can be entered by the field engineer via buttons on the SPT, but the process is easier on line.

Firewall configuration on DHCP networks

If the LAN/router is operating DHCP the firewall is likely to allow any outbound connection request. Tip If the site is a domestic property and the end user has connected other devices such as phones, games consoles, laptops etc themselves the LAN will be running DHCP and the firewall will be configured to allow outbound connections automatically. No other actions are required.

Firewall configuration on fixed IP networks

Provide the customer with the firewall configuration information in this document. Check on line for updates. The SPT does NOT require any inbound ports.

Network facing address of router

The SPT does NOT require a fixed network facing address for the router.



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