This commissioning process is for engineers with a site ID or chip number to enter into the WebWay. For users who have configured device on WebWay World, you do not need to complete this step as your device will automatically connect and download it's config on power up.

For this process you will need the Site ID or chip number from the ARC. Using the A, B & C push buttons you can enter the Site ID into the WebWay. Tapping the A button cycles backwards through the options and tabbing B cycles forwards. The C button is used for selecting and confirming. - Use A or B to locate menu D - Tap and hold button C until you see “_” on the display. - Use A to increase number - Tap C to confirm digit - After the final number press button C - A moving circle is displayed temporarily - The display returns to menu D - reboot device

Green lights = test signals with the ARC

Red lights = Check LEDs



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