The management of remote sites on a platform that supports connectivity to many monitoring stations and remote locations poses administrative challenges, most notably in the issuing of unique system codes or identifiers. In order to provide a flexible and simple approach to site identification, WebWayOne have introduced a unique WebWay ID system number for every site. This number is independent of the Site / Chip ID (or Transmitter ID) that is issued by the monitoring station and therefore protects against site duplication.

WebWay ID

A unique identifier issued by the WebWay platform that is associated with a site. The WebWay ID is used to initiate a remote Upload/Download (UDL) connection to an Alarm panel or remote connectivity to the communicator for diagnostic or configuration of the communicator.

Transmitter ID

The unique identifier issued by a monitoring station to associate a site on their monitoring platform. Often called the Chip, Client, or Site ID by the Monitoring Station.


We will be amending the design of Connections to accommodate the above IDs. The Site ID field will be removed and will by replaced by Transmitter ID and WebWay ID. We will add in tooltips when you hover over each column to give descriptions of each.

Any questions?

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