Our vision was to put control into the installers hands for everything signalling. This meant re-imagining the entire process for ordering, configuring and managing signalling devices. We’ve re-built all our systems from the ground up to create a platform that will deliver extraordinary value and new services to installers world wide. For the first time installers will have total control of their monitoring business on desktop, tablet or mobile enabling business to be done quickly, efficiently and securely to benefit end users with risks of every type. Turn your computer, tablet or mobile phone into a remote control for WebWay devices. Order, configure, commission and manage WebWay devices wherever you are, whenever you want and on whatever device. It’s free and simple to use. www.webwayworld.com

Smart phone signalling

Use your smart phone to configure and manage your WebWay connections. We list your devices in your on line account as soon as we ship them. Click to configure even before they are delivered! We intelligently link your configuration to our Knowledge Base so you have everything at your fingertips when on site.

Get ahead

We’ve engineered our ordering process to give you maximum flexibility. Buy direct from WebWay and receive your signalling device including our ready to go Global SIM.

Click, click, tap, tap, commissioned!

We’ll only start monitoring fees when you commission to the ARC. Keep devices in stock until you’re ready. We pioneered the simplest commissioning process around. Now we've made it even better. Submit your configuration online. Power up and watch your WebWay configure itself. Polling starts instantly. Send alarms and see them appear on your smart device's screen.

The ultimate mobile display

Ever been on site with no reception near the panel? Take your smart phone to an area of better reception and view whats happening or walk test. Talk to our support or to your ARC and see the status of your WebWay alarms on screen.

One view

Even if you use different ARCs, you can see all your devices in one screen. WebWay World instructs our WebWay Cloud platform to deliver alarms to your chosen ARC on a per connection basis. Connections can be easily sorted and reviewed for no communications, single path failures and availability on any mobile device. You can download reports to CSV.

Better informed

We've made diagnostics very simple to access and understand. Just two clicks gets you all the information you need. From device type to performance data you have it all whatever size your screen.

Automatic for you

Get to the information you need quickly with our on line reports. Orders, sites ready for configuration, all live sites, dual and single path failures are all neatly packaged into simple to access reports. You can set WebWay World to automatically email you report data too, then log in to get the detail you want.

Know how

We’re putting everything we know on line so that you can access it whenever you need to. Documentation and videos are all there. Need to upgrade, transfer or cancel a site? All the WebWay policies, procedures and forms are on line, ready to use. The content has been specifically engineered to look great on any device.



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