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The Reporting Time is the length of time that is taken for the Alarm Transmission System (ATS) to determine that connection to the remote protected premises has been lost via one or all of the available Alarm Transmission Paths (ATPs)

The validation of the loss of connectivity is determined by the loss of a multiple of polls from the site. The shorter the reporting time required, the faster the frequency of polling is required.

The Grading of an ATS is determined not by the frequency of polling, but by the reporting time. It is the responsibility of the Alarm Transmission Service Provider to poll the available circuits frequently enough to determine that the circuit has failed whilst minimising the number of false activations generated.

EN Reporting Times

GradeNetwork 1 FailNetwork 2 FailCatastrophic Fail

Grade 224 Hours24 Hours At least 24 hours

Grade 35 Hours24 Hours 24 Hours

Grade 43 Minutes5 Hours 5 Hours

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