The SPT is equipped with a 7 segment (pre 56- serial numbers) or a Starburst Display.

Where IP only is deployed the display will indicate a "dot" in the bottom right corner of the display.

When Operating in IP/GPRS mode the GSM signal is the default display, slide DIP Switch 4 to the ON position to view the IP readings.

Note that if the SPT is connected to the enclosure tamper switch, when the tamper is closed the display will be turned off.

IP Display (DIP Switch 4 located in the ON position)

no eth

There is no connection to the Local Area Network (LAN). The SPT is not connected to the local Router, Switch or hub.


Ethernet lower IP layers are in negotiation (transitory display)

no router

The default gateway or router cannot be contact by ping from the SPT. Also obtained setting DIP Switch 3 to ON and pressing the A button.


10 Base T connection - half duplex

t .

10 Base T connection - full duplex


100 Base T connection - half duplex

h .

100 Base T connection - full duplex

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