The SPT is equipped with a 7 segment (pre 56- serial numbers) or a Starburst Display.

Where IP/GPRS or GPRS/PSTN equipment is used the default display indicates the current GSM/GPRS Signal strength.

Where IP only is deployed the display will indicate a "dot" in the bottom right corner of the display. Refer FAQ "SPT IP Display readings"

During power-up, the Display will indicate the running software and then begin to indicate a number of readings that describe the initialisation of the GSM module (when used in dual path mode, radio enabled).

Note that if the SPT is connected to the enclosure tamper switch, when the tamper is closed the display will be turned off.

GSM Display (DIP Switch 4 located in the OFF position)

0-9 or A

Signal Strength where 0= No signal obtainable

A - Maximum Signal achieved (refer to Min Signal Strength)

0-9 or A - Flashing dot in bottom right corner of display

SPT is actively transmitting data.

0-9 or A; followed by "no gsm"

Good signal obtained from serving cell but no GSM service available. Network is "down"

0-9 or A; followed by "no gprs"

Good signal obtained from the serving cell; GSM service is available but the GPRS data network is "down"

no module

GSM Module is not fitted

no sim

The GSM Module cannot detect a SIM card

no signal

There is no viable signal detected

SIM error

There is a problem with the SIM card

no PIN

There is no PIN number set, contact WebWayOne Support.

PIN error

The SPT/SIM have the incorrect PIN number set. Contact WebWayOne Support

PUK error

Multiple incorrect PIN numbers have been used and the SIM is now locked. A PUK unlock code is required. Contact WebWayOne Support

not ready

The GSM module is being initialised

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