There are several methods of CCTV monitoring with the SPT.

Ping - The SPT will support up to 14 fixed IP addresses that it will monitor. This may include an IP DVR or CCTV device with a static address. Failure to communicate with the device will instigate a SIA event transmission to the ARC indicating loss of connection to the device. The alarm is automatically recovered once the communication is restored.

For more sophisticated transmission, devices such as the Xtralis range of CCTV Transmission devices are supported. IP tunneling via the SPT transport protocol provide a number of benefits to the end user. No fixed Network address is required, only one outbound IP port is utilised (the same as the SPT). There is no requirement for inbound (port) access to the remote site.

CCTV devices may be installed to BS8418 communication requirements when used in conjunction with a WebWayOne IP/GPRS SPT.

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