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This UDL uses virtual serial ports as the communication interface to the RM. Once you have created two serial ports virtually linked, the UDL must be configured to open one port and an RM session configured to open the other port for communications to be successful.


1) The only virtual serial port supported is “KernelPro Advanced Virtual COM Port”.
2) Panelman needs to run on a single processor PC equivalent to or less than a Pentium running at 3GHz

Create an RM Panelman session

1) Click on the [Sessions] menu item and select the [New] menu item. RM will display a new [Session Configuration] page.

2) Give the new session a name by entering a name in the [Session Name] edit box.
3) Then click on the [Session Type] drop down list box and select Aplex from the list.
4) Click on the [SSH Server 1 IP] edit box and enter the IP address of PC that is running the SSH Server and WebWayOne’s Gateway application.
Do the same for [SSH Server 2 IP].

5) Click on the [Save] button. Click on the [Modify] button and the [Edit properties] button. The following form will be displayed.

You may need to change the COM port to one of the virtual serial ports you created and selected for the RM to listen on. COM10 is the default port for all session using serial interfaces.
Note: You can use the same virtual serial ports for all your different UDL connections, but if you wish to use more than one UDL at the same time, you must set the COM ports for each session to be different.

6) Click on the [Accept] button.
7) On the main display, click on the [Save] button. This session is now ready to run.


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