ARC Migration Request

Pre Site Migration Requirements

We recommend that all the following are in place before the migration begins. This will ensure that the WebWay SPT (Supervised Premises Transceiver) can operate fully on both signalling paths and a smooth migration is achieved.

IT - The customer will need to ensure access has been allowed to the new ARC IP addresses. If you require these details, please contact us.

GPRS - Our units use GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) as a path to signal. Owing to the nature of mobile telecommunications it is vital every effort is made to ensure a steady and quality signal from the mobile network is obtained. Several factors can affect this such as building type, electronic interference and the location of the SPT, i.e. a basement. We recommend that GPRS is working fully before any migration is made. We can provide a report for you of sites which require attention.

Documentation - We require a completed request form and authorisation from the incumbent ARC, new ARC and the customer before the migration takes place. Please ensure all fields are completed on the request form as this can delay migrations if information is missing. E-mail Templates are included to assist with these requirements.

Required Migration Information - Site migrations will commence once we have received authorisations from all the relevant parties. When sites are to be migrated remotely we will provide the following information before we commence:

  • Current Site ID
  • Current pin profiles
  • A list for sites which have communication issues

We will also require the following information from you

  • New Site IDs
  • Any amendments regarding pin profiles
  • That IT access has been allowed to the new ARC

Sites with communication issues, we recommend an engineer is on standby to attend site should there be any issues with the move. To minimise this we recommend that any path issues are resolved before migration commences

Multiple Migrations - Up to 200 sites (IP/GPRS) can be moved in a day. Any other requests can be made with special prior arrangement with us. Sites will be moved between the hours of 8.30-13.30 Monday to Friday. If you wish to move sites outside of these timescales please contact us.

We will notify the migration contact immediately of any issue which prevents the site migrations. Also please make yourself aware of the issues with remote migrations as documented in the terms and conditions.


Pre Migration- Prior to the migration we are happy to assist with any Ethernet and GPRS issues that you have. Please provide an IT contact within your organisation that will be controlling access for us. We have networking and GPRS specialists who can answer any of your concerns. We will also provide you with a report showing the status of the site(s) before migration takes place. This will help identify any anomalies prior to move.

During Migration - For Mass migrations a daily report will be issued (on migration days) summarizing the sites that have moved and the sites with issues. This will be produced after the defined migrations have been completed that day. For individual sites we will notify you as soon as this has taken place. We will notify the migration contact immediately of any issue which prevents the site migrations. Also please make yourself aware of the issues with remote migrations as documented in the terms and conditions.

Post Migration- Once your migration ends the evaluation team will be in touch to review how the evaluation has gone and any next steps that need to be taken.

A Post migration report will also be issued to confirm all sites have been moved as required.

Standard Fees - When a WWO/O2 SIM card is being migrated, the new ARC will be provided with a new Support & Airtime Contract. Invoiced on the 1st of the month following migration completion.

Where a SIM contract is not owned by WWO there are two options available:

1. Migration the contract from the current owner to WWO a Admin Fee may apply. The annual SIM contract fee may be higher than the current offering from WWO/O2. WWO cannot guarantee timescales for the completion of the contract migration or indeed whether this is possible. Failure to migration may result in the contract owner cancelling the contract without notice.

2. Cancel the current contract with the incumbent ARC and purchase a new WWO/O2 SIM card. We suggest that new SIMs are installed prior to any site moves. Delivery charges may apply. For multiple site Migrations your WebWayOne sales manager will contact you to arrange a quote.

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