Please complete the following form, then attach below, in order to request a bulk site set up.

Site Uploads Form 2018 Site Uploads Form 2018 (204 KB)

Please note the following -

Please do not dispatch engineers to site for installation until we have confirmed the sites have been configured.

Configuration of 50 + will take 5 working days to process.

If the form is not completed fully then the following defaults will be applied,

Polling Profile - Communicator G4 3M

Panel Profile - Galaxy RS485 connection

Pin Profile - WebWayOne Standard (As below) 

Pin Alarm ASCII Alarm Rest. ASCII Restore Alarm Num Pin Sense
SPT 1 FA Fire Alarm FR Fire Restore 8001 Negative
SPT 2 PA Panic Alarm PR Panic Alarm Restore 8002 Negative
SPT 3 BA Intruder Alarm BR Intruder Alarm Restore 8003 Negative
SPT 4 CL Close OP Open 8004 Negative
SPT 5 BB Burglar Bypass BU Burglar Unbypass 8005 Negative
SPT 6 IA Equipment Fault IR Equipment Fault Restore 8006 Negative
SPT 7 BV Confirmed Intruder BW Confirmed Intruder Restore 8007 Negative
SPT 8 LB Engineer Mode LX Engineer Exit 8008 Negative
SPT 9 KA Freezer Alarm KR Freezer Restore 8009 Negative
SPT 10 FT Fire Fault FR Fire Fault Restore 8010 Negative
SPT 11 TA Lid Tamper Alarm TR Lid Tamper Restore 8011 Negative
SPT 12 AT Mains Fail AR Mains Restore 8012 Negative
SPT 13 YT Battery Fail YR Battery Restore 8013 Negative
SPT 14 TA General Tamper Alarm TR General Tamper Restore 8014 Negative

Smart Reporting - Enabled (Contact your Sales Manager for more details)

IP Addressing - If The IP address, netmask and default gateway are not provided the site will be set to DHCP. You will need to check if the customer has allowed access to port 50561 UDP and the relevant ARC addresses.

* Required


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