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Panel Connection - MCM

Manufacturer Visonic
Model PowerMaster
SPT Minimum Version Nano & Pro - V2.10
MCM Plug on required? RJ11 cable
MCM version less or equal to V1.05 - Needs SPT version less or equal to V2.06
MCM version greater or equal to V1.06 - Needs SPT version greater or equal to V2.07
UDL Available Yes
MCM, Serial or Peripheral MCM
Panel Bus Connection None
Technical Notes SPT will not fit within the Visonic PowerMaster panel and therefore will need to be placed in a separate battery backed enclosure.

Cable Connection

MCM plug-on module - Line a RJ11 Pin 3
MCM plug-on module - Line b RJ11 Pin 4


SPT and MCM module

SPT and MCM module

Visonic Panel Connection RJ11

Visonic Panel Connection RJ11

SPT and MCM module

SPT and MCM module

Panel Programming

  • Enable Installer Access - Default user code = 1111
  • Press the Unlock Icon Key
  • Enter user code
  • Navigate to - INSTALLER MODE - and press - OK
  • Enter Installer code

  • At the COMMUNICATIONS Menu press - OK
  • Navigate to C.S. REPORTING and press - OK
  • At 1st RPRT CHAN press - OK
  • Select PSTN and press - OK
  • Under 2nd RPRT CHAN press - OK
  • Select DISABLED and press - OK
  • Navigate to RCVR1 ACCOUNT and press - OK
  • Enter account number (chipnumber) and press - OK
  • Go to - PSTN/GSM RCV1 and press - OK
  • Insert a telephone number (example: 01234567890) and press - OK
  • Navigate to PSTN FORMAT press - OK
  • Select SIA text and press - OK
  • Press ESC

  • Navigate to UP/DOWNLOAD and press - OK
  • Navigate to PSTN UP/DOWNLOAD press - OK
  • Enable Remote Access
  • Press ESC - and exit to make the changes take effect

WebWay Command Centre Settings (Internal Set-up)

  • SPT Set-up
  • Variable: PANEL_TYPE
  • Desc: Used to instruct SPT which Panel manufacturer panel it will be connected to.

  • MCT/CC Profiles
  • Desc: Configure SPT with the panel type to communicate with.

UDL information for this item can be found here: About UDL


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