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Integration Requirements

Manufacturer/Model ESMI FX
SPT Firmware Nano & Pro - V2.08 (Minimum Version)
Panel Profile ESMI
Cable Required? No
Serial Connections RS485
MCM, Serial or Peripheral Serial
Technical Notes Please see below

Cable Connection

ESMI FX - FX-SAB RS485 WebWay SPT - RS485
T/R+ A
T/R- B

SPT Connection - click for larger image

ESMI FX - RS485 port - SAB Module

ESMI FX - RS485 port - SAB Module

ESMI FX - WinFX configuration screen

ESMI FX - WinFX configuration screen

Panel Support/Notes

  • 1. ESMI FX Serial Connections: The SPT can be connected to the ESMI FX RS485 port. This port supports alarm signalling from the panel and it is recommended that this be used in addition to the EN54-21 signalling using the hardwired connections as detailed above.
  • 2. RS485 port: The connection is provided from a FX-MC card fitted with a FX-SAB module.
  • 3. WinFX: The port needs to be configured in the panel to communicate with the SPT. This is best done using the WinFX Configuration Program. Set RS485 port protocol to 'INFO' and speed the port data rate to '1200' (see above for image).

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