The SPT provides detailed diagnostics using LEDs and the Display to prove the cause of a PSTN network problem. If you have a WebWay World login you can see diagnostics in Connections on desktop or mobile.

You can identify if the problem is with:

- The SPT configuration.
- The customers PSTN line.
- The WebWay MCT/PSTN receivers.
- The registration of the SPT with the WebWay MCT receivers.


- Located under the 3 buttons on the left hand side of the SPT.
- The first bi-colour LED, just under and between buttons A and B.
- Labelled “ATS” (Alarm Transmission System).
- See arrow “Communications indicators”, Quick Start.
- A Green flash indicates a single working route.
- A Red flash indicates a route is not available.
- The PSTN ATPs are the final 2 flashes.

ATS LED “Green-Green”

- “Green - Green” indicates 2 working PSTN ATPs.
- No action required.

ATS LED “Red-Green” or “Green-Red”

One PSTN ATP is not working
The SPT is correctly connected to the customer’s line Data is being acknowledged by one ATP route.

ATS LED “Red-Red"

The SPT has no working PSTN ATPs.



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