Serial Connectivity for Risco Lightsys

System Requirements




 Panel / Model

 Lightsys (Litesys)


 Lightsys I & Lightsys II
 Panel Firmware


 Cable Required

 SPT Version

 V3.51 or greater
 Remote Manager

 V3.2.2.5 or greater


 SPT will require Dipswitch 7 to be "ON"   

Panel Connection

WebWay Cable Wiring

Please complete as follows with standard alarm cable.

WebWay SPT  Risco Agility Port Cable Core Colour


 Pin 1


 Pin 2 (Centre)



Pin 3 Yellow

WebWay SPT Control Panel


Panel Programming

NOTE : Risco Agility has two Communication Menu’s, please check you are in the correct Communication Menu during panel programming

1. Login to Engineer Mode <Exit Menu Button> + <Engineer Code>+<OK>

2. Keypad shows <1] Programming> and press <OK>

3. Scroll to <1] System> and press <OK>

4. Scroll ↓ to <2] Controls> and press <OK>

5. Scroll ↓↓ to <3] Communication> and press <OK>

6. Scroll ↓↓ to <ARC ENABLE> and set to 'N' and press <OK>

7. Screen shows <3] Communication> and press <OK>

8. Scroll ↓ to <FM Enable> and set to 'N' and press <OK>

9. Screen shows <3] Communication> and press <OK>  

10. Scroll ↓↓ to <CS ENABLE> and set to 'Y' and press <OK>

11. Press <Exit Menu Button> 2 twice you are now in the Main Menu

12. Scroll ↓↓↓ to <5] Communications> and press <OK>

13. Scroll ↓ to <3] Config. SW> and press <OK>

14. Screen shows <1] Security> and press <OK>

15. Scroll ↓ to <2] Remote ID> and press <OK>

16. Modify value to <00000> and press <OK

17. Screen shows <2] Remote ID> Press <Exit Menu Button> Press ↓

18. Screen shows <2] Call Back> Press <OK> and ensure NO PHONE NUMBERS are set 

19. Press <Exit Menu Button> 4 times  

20. Screen shows <5] Communication>

21. Now Exit Engineer Mode <0> and Press <OK> this saves the data

Manufacturers Panel Limitations: 

 Panel Will NOT Communicate: 

 A username after an alarm's activation or a Panel Event. 
 Device information such as keypad user identity or if a fob is used with an Alarm Activations or Panel Events. (Exception is "Jamming" and  "Low Battery" are reported) 
 Auto Set, Unset Fail
 Remote Set and Unset
 ARC periodic test & ARC keep alive
 Call back
 System reset
 Listen in begin 
 Walk test