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The following panels have integrated modules and only require a WebWay Guardall Cable (05-5032)

-  RX16i, QX18, QX18i, QX32i, QX34, QX34i, PX48i, PX80i

A Guardall RS232 serial module is required for the following panels;

- PX18, PX34, PX80, PX250HS, PX500

Modem Capture is also available for connectivity please refer to the modem capture Guardall Guide for Instructions.

A Guardall GSR Dongle code is required for any Guardall installation,(this can be a dummy number if a dongle is not available)

WebWayOne Guide - 

Guardall -Serial WebWayOne Guide Guardall -Serial WebWayOne Guide (515 KB)

Serial Panel Connection

Connect the 9 way connector cable to the Guardall RS232 port on either the main board assembly or the external RS232 module and the cable wires to the WebWay SPT as detailed below; 

WebWay SPT

9 way Connector colours

232 T


232 R





Panel Programming –Menu 99 Menu 12 – GSR 1 Menu 13
1.     Select menu 11 - telephone number 1 1.     Enter S/N <______> * 1.     Select the SM (Chosen in Menu 11)
2.     Select Tel Number <1> 2.     Enter GSR ID <______> ** 2.     Set chosen SM to type  <serial>
3.     Enter Tel Number <01234 567890> 3.     Select Enable <Auto>   3.     Set SM Baud rate to <9600>
4.     Select Module <SM 0>   4.     Select Callback <Off> 4.     Ensure all other SMs and Dialers have the type disabled
5.     Select Assist <Off> 5.     Select Reset <On>
6.     Select Format <Guardall> 6.     Select Unset <On> Menu 20
7.     Select Auto Test <Off> 7.     Select Code <On> 1.     Select Area ID
8.     Select Attempt <1> 8.     Select Time <On> 2.     Enter <0>
9.     Select Backup <0> 9.     Select Bypass <On> 3.     Select system <_____>***
10.   Select Call Repeat <Off> 10.   Select Soak <On> 4.     Enter <1>
12.  Select GSR <1> 11.  Select Log <On> 5.     Select Area <_____>***
13.  Select Alarm <On> 12.  Select Config RD <On> 6.     Press X button four times
14.  Select Set/Unset <On> 13.  Select Config WR <On> 7.     Select 05 to log out
15.  Select Bypass <On> 14.  Select PINs RW <Off>
16.  Select Trouble <On> 15.  Select A. Log Upload <0>
17.  Select Log On <On> 16.  Select Exit Time <1>
18.  Select Eng On <On> 17.  Select KP Message <On>
19.  Select Reset <On> 18.  Select Virtual KP <On>
20.  Select Restore <On> 19.  Press X button once
21.  Press X button twice
*GSR Dongle serial number, this number must match in the WebWay SPT. 
**Program the site/Chip ID here. If this configuration option is not found in menu 12, then please check menu 4.
*** Enter Site/ Chip ID here.

Important: Please note which Serial module you have connected to (if there are multiple) in order to make sure the panel programming matches. 


For remote management of the panel the WebWay SPT and the Guardall panel must be programmed with same dongle number as used with the GSR panel software.
If remote management is not in use the WebWay and Guardall panel still require a GSR code to send SIA alarms. This can be a generic number, e.g.; 12345.
The Webway and Guardall cannot communicate if this number does not match. The dongle number can be entered manually via menu G in the WebWay SPT same manner as for “Auto Take-On” which uses menu D. 
For site roll outs we can pre populate the WebWay SPT with the GSR code. For more information on this, or and queries on the GSR code please contact support on, 01635 231514 or