For Wintex access via a PC or remote manager version 6 Build 2
For Wintex programming via a PC a USB Com cable (Texecom part no JAA-0001 or JAC-0001)
Texecom TTL Cable 05-0246

Panel Firmware

Texecom Premier Elite 24/48 firmware version 1.0 - 2.0
Premier 48 firmware version 8.0
Vr 2.09 has "ComPort Issues" and  WILL NOT link to our WebWay Unit and the fix is to use Firmware Vr 2.09.01
Vr 2.11.02 should be upgraded to version 2.11.09 (this fixes COM1 error messages) 

      SPT Wiring and WebWay Texecom Cable

Connect to the Texecom Panel is as follows,

WebWay SPT


T - Red

Com Port 1

 Pin 2 from right

R - Green

 Pin 1 from right

RTN - Blue

 Pin 3 from right

Wintex Programming

Simple Configuration can be achieved with Texecoms Wintex program and a suitable comms cable. To allow communications simply connect the cables to com port two on the device and then Config a account as usual with the following settings in comms.
 (In keypad settings leave Com Port 2 as unassigned, when the PC cable is connected it will automatically detect and allow you to configure settings).

In options
Enable Communicator must be ticked

If Upload/Download is needed ensure the settings below are configured

In ARCs ensure that,

- Account no matches the Chip ID for the site
- Protocol in SIA Level 2/3 is selected
- Connect Via IP is ticked
- Send SIA text is ticked

Ensure any reporting settings are set as required

Ensure Com Port 1 is set to WebWayOne/Emizon Module

Also set the following;

Local IP Address
Local IP Port 50561
Subnet Mask
Name/SMG Port 50561

Finally send the update back to the panel.

To set up via keypad

Enter Engineer password > Press Menu

Scroll to UDL/Digi Options (7)

Select Digi Options 
Ensure the first option is set to E*****
(Enable Communicator)

Select UDL Options
Scroll to UDL password is
Set this to match the Texecom Wintex Application UDL Password (Default 1234)

Select Program Digi
Set Arc 1 Protocol to SIA level II
Primary and Secondary Number are blank
Set Account Number as the Chip number 
Dialling Attempts as 2
Reporting Areas as required
Reports as required

Set config as ******IT
I – Connect via IP
T- Send SIA Text

In Com port Options 

Select Com Port 1, set this to WebWayOne
Setup Modules Menu
Select: Setup IP Data
        Com IP Address
        Com IP Port 50561
        Com Gateway
        Subnet Mask
        Name/SMG Port 50561

General troubleshooting tips for Texecom panels

We recommended that all Texecom installs are completed with Wintex software.

Once you have completed programming the Texecom then restart the panel and WebWay the Texecom bus requires this reboot to see the WebWay as a communications module. Alternatively change the com port settings and move the WebWay to com Port 2.

If you receive the following message on the keypad; “ ATS path fail com 1” – this refers to a actual communication path. Please check your Ethernet/GPRS/PSTN connectivity. This does not refer to the com bus between the panel and the WebWay unit. To stop this alarm being sent to the keypad, select Areas > Options > ATS Path Faults and make sure that no areas are selected.

       Testing alarms, you can send a PA from the keypad by pressing 1 & 3 at the same time.

       If you wish to use com port 2 on a premier 88, please contact Texecom for 5 to 7 pin converter or see the pin out on page 2.