Serial Connectivity for Scantronic S95

System Requirements

The following panels have been integrated to the WebWay signalling solution Scantronic S95en

Scantronic S95en cable (05-0517)
Cooper Security software for secure remote management

WebWayOne Guide -  

Scantronic S95 Scantronic S95 (373 KB)

Panel Connection

The S Series main board assembly has a 9 way D-type connector at the top right. This connects to the R, T and RTN terminals of the WebWayOne panel interface. 


WebWay Connection

RS232 T


RS232 R




Connect the WebWay PWR + and - to any relevant Power and Ground terminals.

Panel Programming

1. Go to Menu 52 Digicom
2. Select Comms Format <SIA>
3. Select ARC No <01234 567890>
4. Select account no <_____> (Ignore accounts 2-8)
5. Select dialing mode <Conservative>
6. Select DigiCom options
7. Select Restore signals <enable>
8. Select FF Channels <8 FF Channels>
9. Select Line fault <enable>
10. Go to Menu 53 – RS232 Options 
11.   Select RS232 option baud <38400>
12.    Select Remote modem <enable>
13.   Go to Menu 51
14.   Select Serial Number <_____>  (Site/Chip ID)
15.   Select Account Name <_____>  (Site/Chip ID)
16.   Select Access mode <unattended>
17.   Select Edit call Nos <Not Configured>
18.   Select Modem Options rings to answer <immediate>
19.   Select Baud Rate <1200>
20.   Select Downloader – Modem Options – Ans Phone Defeat <Disabled>