Serial RS232 Connectivity for Galaxy Range


The following panels have been integrated to the WebWay signalling solution:

Dimension GD48, 96, 264, 520 
G3 – 48, 144, 520
Classic – 8, 18, 60, 128, 500, 504, 512
For RS232 connection any Galaxy G3 and above with an internal RS232 module

WebWayOne Guide - 

Galaxy WebWay Guide Galaxy WebWay Guide (871 KB)

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Panel Connection

Connect the WebWay panel interface 232 R and T to the Galaxy printer interface RX and TX with the reverse of T to RX and R to TX connections. You will also need RTN connected to a GND in the panel.

Connect the WebWay PWR + and - to the GND and +12V terminals on the Galaxy Panel.
Panel Programming – Serial Connection (RS232)
1. Engineer Menu 56
2. Menu 6 – Int RS232 1
3. Select Mode - Direct  
4. Select Format SIA
5. Enter  SIA (Option 2)
6. Select SIA level 3
7. Ensure Trigger 10 is on
8. Ensure Trigger 18 is on
9.     Activate any further triggers which are required
10.   Enter Account number <_____> (Chip ID)
11.   Select Comms Setup
12.    Enter Baud Rate - 57600
13.   Enter Data Bits - 8
14.   Enter Stop bits - 1
15.   Select Parity – No Parity
16.   Escape to return to Engineering mode.

Exit Engineering fully in order for the panel and the SPT to begin communication. NOTE: The Int RS232 module is not recognised by the Galaxy as a communications module therefore the keypad will not provide a “module added” indication.

Galaxy Panel – Hints and tips

Use Menu 23 to check which version of firmware the Galaxy panel is running.

Menu 62 - full test engineer menu can be used to put the system into a false state of close. The engineer can then trigger the sensors for intruders and intruder confirms. This saves engineers having to actually close the site properly.

Line fail (ATS Line Fail to the keypad) on Ethernet can be disabled in;  56  >  4  > 7 = line fail. Set network to OFF.

Line fail (ATS Line Fail to the keypad) on telecoms can also be disabled by using;  56  >  5  > 10 = line fail. Set line voltage to disabled.

To force a dot on the IP address settings a # or * will work to place the dot.

Checking  for a G2 panel; go to Menu 56 > If there is  a menu 6 for H/W Priority then you are working on a G2 panel.

500 Series – If above firmware version V6.0 use S1 not S3 to connect to the data bus.

If you are changing the connection type; i.e from an RS485 Ethernet module to a RS232 module, make sure the account number is removed from the old module settings otherwise alarms will not be delivered.

Testing SIA Events – You will need to test real events; i.e, triggering an actual PA. Toggling outputs will not send alarms.

Galaxy panels running version V.14 and below cannot support SIA and are a pins only integration. 

Galaxy panels that go into confirmed alarm will never show a confirmed restore. The panel will go into engineer lockout and will require a remote code or an engineer visit.